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Warmup Sets?


Hey all, I have a question with regarding just about any program on here or anywhere else for that matter. How do you figure out how many/rest times for warmup sets for the exercises in the workout? Or just jump right into the working sets?


There's at least one article on this site that tells you an ideal way to warmup. However, I often don't have / make time to warmup as suggested. I always start off with dynamic stretching (10 minutes) then do at least one warm-up set with 60-70% of the starting load I'll be using for each exercise (no breaks so only 1-2 minutes) before I get into my routine (45 - 60 minutes). If you can work your way up say 5 reps 50%, 4 reps 65%, 3 reps 80%, 2 reps 95% then lift or something similar, it will warm you up better, but I simply don't have time.

I also spend time on recovery (15 minutes contrast showers & 10 mins w/ the foam roller), so the 8 sessions a week on CW's hft program turns out to be a lot longer than 8 hours.

Find what balance works for you, and do some searching on "stretching" or "warm-ups" and I'm sure you can find the right info.


Changes day to day by how it/I feel, but in general 2 sets or so to warm up then hit it.