Warmup Sets - Is this a Good Guideline?

[quote]Chris Colucci wrote:

[quote]fqqs wrote:
I wonder if doing sth like 6-8 reps of 50% working weight and 4-5 reps of 75% working weight is a good thing before doing 5x5 (straight sets)[/quote]
This is the fourth time in in four months that you’ve asked this exact question, or one very similar to it:

Just last month you weren’t doing a 5x5 program:

And you had several different programs in the months before that.

Simply put, dude, you’re wasting your time and you’re wasting our time by overthinking yourself into a state of never-ending non-progress.

Like I told you in a previous thread, you need to stop looking for “the best” plan and focus on doing “good enough” for 12 months straight.[/quote]

Why did you not listen to this? You were given some good advice in that thread. Warming up doesn’t have to be difficult, just start off with the bar and add weight in steady increments until you get to your working weight.

If you’re using 4 plates per side, a warm up could look like this:
bar x some
one plate per side x 5
two plates per side x 5
three plates per side x 5
working sets