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Warmup Routines Pre Weights


Hi guys, what are some of your warmup techniques bfore you hit the weights? for me personally i walk a little over half a mile (fast paced) to my gym, then dive into some dynamic stretching bfore starting my warmup sets. wanting to change it up a bit, so im curious to hear what others are doing. thanks!


I start every workout with leg raises.Hanging,not hanging,hanging to the sides,with bands attached ect.I never go to failure.For example if I can do 15-20 reps I’ll go for 3 sets of 8 or something easy like that.When I started this I could barely get 10 reps and some days ago I did 2 sets of 12 no problem.I really feel my core getting stronger from this
Then I’ll do some kind of pulldown.Try to get 40-60 easy total reps in
Then if it’s an upper body day I’ll do some side laterals and some curls for 40-60 reps
If it’s a lower body day I’ll do some leg curls and probably some good morning for 40-60 reps

I got the idea from a guy called big martin that was posting back at 2004


Walk from the parking lot (the long way. 3 mins lol), got a heavy band do my monster walks and body weight squats, cat camels.

If bench day, pull aparts and shoulderok.

Then just start with the bar and go from there.


50 various continuous 5lb laterals for upper day
Squat stretch for hips and low back
BW squats facing wall


I start off with about five minutes opening my joints which looks like a chubby guy doing some weird tai chi yoga hybrid and then I’ll do some tissue work if needed and then shoulder dislocates with a band and then start on the empty bar. It all takes me at most 15 minutes.


@kidglitter, I tend to do something similar for general warm up on a regular training day: 5 minutes of warm-up on bike w/ a crisp pace then Agile 8.

On big days when I know I’ve got heavy weights to move, I’ll do some extra work. My favorite is to work up to 110% of my target weight for the day and just unrack it and hold it there for about 10 seconds. For deadlifts, I’ll just load up the barbell in the squat rack, and do holds with the same scheme.


@MarkKO my warmup takes about 15 min as well. @khmccarthy going to try those heavy holds, prob gets ur CNS primed even moreso for beastmode.