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In Edmonton its getting WARM!!! Dude today i woke up and it was -10,so i was all like, thats shorts weather, but 5 hours later it was 9 above! So I was all like “naked weather” and ran around with no clothes on. I hear in calgary it went from -14 to +14 in 18 hours. Man thats crazy. Yay. Im happy. Now i can bike to the gym.Peace out, everyone!

I lived in Calgary for a year. I can remember it being about - 18 and getting up the next afternoon( I worked a late shift) and it was around +10. Ahh, the amazing phenomenon known as the Chinook.

So there I was…
It was mid October '97 finally back in sunny, temperate San Diego after a humid and steamy summer in south-west Japan and Thailand when what do you know? I recieved orders (along with a bunch of my buddies) to the Cold Lake/Edmonton area for three weeks of international training with our “brothers from the North.” Now, I grew up in the midwest and thought to myself, “how bad can it be? Its only October afterall. I’m sure the turning leaves will be nice” Well Brothers, it was cold, to-the-bone cold. Turning leaves? Oh heck no, they were long gone. I was totally taken aback. One must be comprised of both polar bear and sasquatch to survive up there. Beanies off to you, Canadian T-men and women, you know what it’s really like to live in inclimate weather ya know. Not like us Southern Californians who shudder at the sight of a cloudy day and leave an hour early for work due to sprinkles.


I know what You mean. It is now 80 deg F and humid again. Up from the cold and cool 70’s, and low 60’s at night. I guess I wait on buying Hotrocks.

F U PSoas…:0) Nice to live in Hawaii there… Unlike us we have to suffer the cold once in awhile… at least I on the East coast of the US… NJ we probably hit 50 today!!! YHA even got to play a little tennis… I feel sorry for the guys in Edmonton,AB hope it gets warmer for u guys out there…

Fitone, he was talking -18 to +18 in Celsius. 18 degrees Celsius would be the equivalent of about 60 Fahrenheit.

I’m sorry, -14 to +14.