Warming Up on Bag Before Workout?

Doing a 2mins on 30 seconds off,10rounds off bag workout before my workout is that ok? I feel like my body is very warm and loose to crack on with let’s say cleans and press circuit. Would you guys recommend any other warm up instead?


As an ex figher and someone who trains fighters now as my main job i find this funny.
Heavy bag is a high impact, high intensity training tool. You dont sprint to warm up for walking, you dont max your deadlift to warm up for lunges, haha. Of course, if you have no clue what you are doing and you just flap your hands around and slap the bag or “punch” it so it swings all over the place its not really doing anything “on a bag” and you can just call it “can in flap my hands to warm up” and then - sure. Anyways, keep in mind that the impact on the joints and higher heart rate is not what you want before strength training.


For the most part, I just dont warm up, so if this works for you, awesome

It’s not the way I ever warm up for weights…my warm-ups are always exercise specific as opposed to a general one warm-up…but, if yours goals are more geared towards fitness as opposed to high-end strength, I don’t think it really matters.

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I gotta warmup but its typically foam rolling legs on lower days. I need to start doing more for blood flow prior to lifting. I use a lacrosse ball for shoulders and pecs and bands to warmup shoulders on bench day.

Probably should just take a 10 min walk to get things going too. I notice as the years go by I need it more.

It’s way easier to look way cooler Jumping Rope than hitting a bag.

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Perhaps U could shadowbox or hit a light bag.

so you want your warmup to last 25 minutes? :thinking: