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Warming Up Made Squats Perfect?

I warmed up for the first time yesterday I usually just jump right into 315 for 10-12 reps and then work up but I end up getting fatigued and my depth is bad I warned up with 2 plates for 3 and then 315 for 3 and then added 15 pounds and felt great perfect ass to grass squats! Everything felt very smooth!



What is your question?

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Did warming up help?

Yes. That is what it is for.


Alls I know is that I don’t have these problems with my ARX leg press.


Next time try a set of 15 with the bar, a set of 10-15 with one plate, then your two plates warm-up. And you’ll feel even better.

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Really? I mean really?


185x5 (if you still feel tight)
Go into your work sets.

Trust me you’ll feel way better.

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Too much.

10 with the bar is correct. No more, no less.

Everything else checks out though. You’re cleared to squat.

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Yeah that’s what I do but I figured what advised would be some sort of middle ground more acceptable for someone that never warmed-up ahahah

I only do 45x20 because these days I really don’t do any other sort of warming up before squatting. I don’t activate my abs or stretch. I just get to the squat rack and squat, so the 45x20 seems to open everything up lol.

But if you stretched and all that 45x10 seems to be perfect for sure though!

Why does warming up make the weight feel lighter? Squats always felt like a ordeal but yesterday they actually were fun and didn’t hurt or feel tight my hips felt loose and not only did I get parrell I got ass to grass!

Because it loosens things up, reinforces technique, and you get to build up to a heavy weight. I squat 500 and 315 would feel heavy to me if I just started with that and no warm up.

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you said you normall start off with 315x10, and then work up… what are your peak/ highest sets at, if you don’t mind me asking?

You amp up your neural system, loosen the joints and get some blood there plus in the muscles, as well as activating mind-muscle connection and technique

I got to 405 for 1 rep and then the next week I would do 315 to fail for warm up then 385 and started to get that quarter squat syndrome that lasted for a couple weeks and then I started getting weaker and couldn’t do 375 for 1 so I just asked around and someone told me jumping into 315 is burning me out for the rest of my sets and making my squat form bad so I warmed up yesterday and my form was perfect so happy right now and actually look forward to leg day!

I do zero mobility or stretching and do 5 reps with the bar before moving on: please advise.

Haha! Don’t you feel stiff at all especially how early you lift? Squats are the only lifts that I feel I need to be thoroughly warmed up to feel a nice groove. All other lifts I don’t need to do anything. Maybe my spine is more sensitive to the early morning lifts lol.

Very. I figure, if I can perform well like that, I can perform when fully warm.