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Warming Up in The Best Damn Workout

Hi Christian,

First off, thanks so much for giving of your time to reading and responding to the questions and discussions in here. I really appreciate the opportunity to ask for clarifications and all the other things that come up.

In your Best Damn Workout for Natural Lifters ( https://www.t-nation.com/training/the-best-damn-workout-plan-for-natural-lifters ), for the sake of being completely explicit, does the article spell out all the sets and reps for each session–two “prep” sets, and an all-out set?

Does the article assume that we’re doing warm-up sets, as the OP of this other thread ( https://forums.t-nation.com/t/best-damn-warm-up/ ) seems to suggest? If so, could you spell out your recommendations here, maybe especially for number of warm-up sets?

I’m going in for day 3 today, and I put in a few to a bunch warm up sets for some of the exercises (mostly the bigger ones), and days 1 and 2 took longer than I expected for workouts intended to be “short”, so I’m suspecting that I’m adding more warmup than you had in mind, if you were expecting any at all…

I mostly have experience so far with the StrongLifts and Starting Strength programs, and the latter has an app that recommends approximately 5 warmup sets for 3 working sets of squats, for instance.

Maybe it’s just a matter of what you feel your body needs?

Certainly a good chunk of the warmup sets that I’ve been doing have been trying to guess what my workable weights on each of the exercises are–I just haven’t done most of the exercises listed in the program–some of the exercises even depend on equipment that my gyms don’t have (glute ham raise, reverse hypers…–I did find this suggestion for ways to improvise similar exercises using a band).

=> Shadowhawk

Obviously not Christian but one thing that has helped me is a 10 minute body weight circuit just to get the joints ready. Nothing intense. When choosing the working set weight be aggressive, any weight you can get 4-6 reps with (don’t do this for rear delts or something). As for the exercise selection I’m fairly sure he mentioned you are welcome to switch things depending on equipment availability. Hope this helps

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