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Warming Up for Squats

Visitor from the PL forum here.

Due to a couple of injuries, my PL squat form is a lot like your oly squats (close stance, oly shoes, quad dominant).

Since I know you lot love your squats, how do you like to warm up for a big day of squatting, if you’re back squatting first?

Simple, squat down and stretch everything into a good position, then sets with the bar until squatting doesn’t feel stupid

Hips, ankles, Bw squats and bar etc.

^ + cossack squats

[quote]bcingu wrote:
^ + cossack squats[/quote]

I do them but only cause they look cool :confused:

  1. foam roll
  2. bodyweight split squats to figure out how tight everything is around my hips.
  3. quick stretching targeting whichever areas need it.
  4. squat with the bar until it feels right
  5. start adding weight

that’s it for me.

jog for about 1-2 minutes, foam role, 1 stretch for 3 seconds for hips, glutes, quads, hams and calves. clam shells for glute medius activation done, takes me about 10 minutes and im good to go for my session