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warming up for increased strength

Just found this article in the newspaper:-

"If you’re an exercise freak, warmi- ups are a waste of time. All you need is a pair of hot pants.
Researchers have found you are better off heating your muscles rather than physically limbering up. Muscle power goes up by eight to ten percent for every centigrade rise in temperature. Warming muscles artificially is better than physical exercise because they get hotter without becoming tired, New Scientist magazine reports.
Howeverm, Olympic gold medal winner Linford Christie said: “Before a race, you need to be on the move. But then I’m from the old school”.

I’m not sure if you are asking a question or not, but this topic is interesting. Charlie Francis mentioned the East Germans giving their athletes weak virus to increase their body temperature, “…increased heat around the neurons lowers electrical resistance, allowing more current to pass. This permits more muscle fiber to act as fast twitch fiber.”
Anther issue in the warming up debate is that a proper warm up can lead to “…a faster and more complete shutdown of antagonists…” Something both Francis and Poliquin have stessed. I think the important thing here is that the study you sited (which without actually knowing the proticals of the study, I can’t prove or discount, but I’m leaning toward the latter), stated that POWER is increased, not sprinting or endurance. Thus compairing what Christie to the study is like apple and oranges (well, not exactly, but I think you get my point). But on a side note, the was a study that submersed endurance athletes in cold water before a race and they had a significant improvement in performance. Now the most likely reason for this is not at the mitocondria level, but in regulation of body temperature, but I find it interesting when paired with the above.