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Warming Up for Clusters on BDW2?

I’ve been doing your BDW2 for a few weeks and its been fun! I wanted to do clusters for this next cycle. I’m curious on how to warm up to the weight that I need to use. Is it just a plain and simple way of working up to the 2-4RM and then starting the cluster? Sorry if this seems like a silly question, just new to that method.

Do a few ramping up set so that you get a good idea of the weight to use. Do not ramp up all the way to a 2-4RM though. Simply work up to a weight that is about an 8/10 effort for 3 reps. That should give you a good idea of the weight to use on your cluster.

Great! This helps a lot. And thank you for the quick response!

I have one more question. Is it bad to mix both clusters and rest/pause methods for a cycle. For example, I’d like to try clusters for front squat and deadlift but really like the to do rest/pause for benching. Should I just do cluster and rest/pause exclusively?

That’s perfectly fine

Awesome! Thanks again