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Warming up for 5/3/1


I'm going to start doing 5/3/1 in a couple of weeks and try running through a couple of mesocycles and see how it works for me. I've read about the concepts of the plan on this site as well as a couple of other sites, but I haven't purchased the plan yet (will do that, most likely today).

How many warmup sets do you guys typically do with the 5/3/1 program? I'm sure it's laid out pretty well in the plan, but I figured I'd ask the question here to see if people have varying responses. I've heard Dave Tate talking about doing 40 reps or so below 50% in the 4-5 rep range to warm up for bench press, not sure if that volume is used for something like 5/3/1 as well.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


What are your numbers like?


Bench: 250 x 1
Squat: 300 x 1
Overhead Press: 150 x 1
Deadlift: 250 x 1 (yes, pathetic I know, but I can't maintain perfect form with higher weight because I'm still working on my hamstring flexibility)


15-20 reps with the bar, then two to three very light sets of 5 reps ramping up to the first prescribed set


This is about right. You're trying to prepare your body without fatiguing. There is a good write up on ramping with CT in the last magazine issue.


Thanks! Yeah I've read some articles on ramping from CT and I've incorporated that into my usual workouts, so I thought that may be a good method of preparing for a 5/3/1 workset. Appreciate the input.


I honestly do better on the "3" week. Probably because of the abbreviated warm-up. I did try all sets of three tonight and had great results.