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Warming Up, Does It Matter?


... how you do it, that is.

say for sets of 12,10,8,6+ (all out blast set).

do the first three sets as straight sets or break them up?

say like sets of 4,4,4 then 4,3,3 then 3,3,2 then blast.

or does it not really matter as long as you're warm, loose, pumped and confident with the movement?




I've recently done a posing routine to warm up.

I don't think it matters how you do it, as long as you do it.

As long as ur blood is flowing and u feel the blood in the muscles ur training. You feel "loose" and confident ur good to go.


^unfortunately, it takes SOME level of experience under the bar to know when you're in fact "warm, loose, pumped and confident with the movement." This is why guidelines are there for newbies...but they are just that...guidelines. Some days you'll need 5 sets to even feel the right mindset before your first working set...some days 2.


ok good. ^even when I "feel good" I check my form as I work up in weight anyway. otherwise I start yelling "LIGHT WEIGHT BAYBAYYYY" and make choo choo train sounds as I proceed to hero-rep the movement en route to my next injury.



for me its a feel thing, some days i'm good to go after 2-3 sets, other days i need 5, never more than that though. Ramp up the weight until get to the work sets and then follow whatever routine i'm on.


i warm up on big exercises like military press, bench, squat, deadlift

by the time i get to others i'm already warmed up and ready to go.


That's what she said....

Oh and x2



well yea by the time I get to isolation movements I'll maybe give it a feeler rep but that's it


To warm up, I just do the CrossFit WOD a couple times. :stuck_out_tongue:

I practice the core movement for that day with just the bar, doing about 3 or so reps that get gradually faster and faster which gets me mentally fired up. I will also exaggerate the bottom or top position of the lift to really warm up the muscles involved in it. Bodyweight squats help me get my hips in gear. If I feel really cold I'll do push-ups.