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Warming Up Before Sprinting


Hi guys,im new here and i have a complicated question about sprints.Can someone tell me how do i have to warm up before sprinting,so i prevent injuries?I found some information on the internet,but nothing particular like what exercises exactly to do and in what order?something like a warm up routine?i hope ull be able to help me :slightly_smiling:


5 min jog, fire hydrants, leg swings (side to side, forward and back).

DeFranco training has some good articles related to sprinting/ warm ups. Look for Nate Green's article about going to Defranco's training facility some good tips on setting your body up on the sprinting line.


3X30 butt kickers
3X30 high knee kicky things
3X30 both sides lateral running
3 to 5 build up sprints

Then get in to the meat of your workout.

This warm up has kept me from popping anything. Just don't do sprints everyday. Take a day off here and there to let the hammies, quads, and groin recoup.


All of these are great suggestions. If you are new to sprinting, but aware that you will be more sore than normal, but its great stuff.


It's more of a complete program but there's a very good hip/lower body dynamic warmup and such from that I like to use.
It's by Kelly Bagget, check it out here's the link.


This is helpful for me too as I've just started doing sprinting for weight loss. Left quad is very tight right now.


This is helpful for me too as I've just started doing sprinting for weight loss. Left quad is very tight right now.


all these are good but here's what i do and i havent had problems
dynamic warm-ups 5 min. (lunges/side lunges/leg swings etc.)
if i still feel tight some light static stretching especially ankles/hips
a couple glute exc. to make sure their firing to help prevent hamstring pulls (glute kickbacks and others)


Why don't you try some hill sprinting to work your way into sprinting... it will teach you better body mechanics with a reduced chance of injury, eg. reduced foot strike and braking which is hard on the hamstrings and knees. Hill sprinting forces you to drive your knees up higher, improves the firing of your flexors and qlutes, reduces over extension of the hamstrings, and will definitely improve your arm swing motion.

You will find yourself pumping your arms harder with your hands up higher on those last sets of hill sprints which is an important technique to master for those track sprints.

Be forewarned hill sprints can be brutal and have been known to make one tougher and stronger!!! Good luck.


Thank u guys,u r great.That was what i needed.I will try all of the stuff :slight_smile:


for sprinting you need a long warm 30min to 45min warm up..


For the recreational sprinter with about 20 minutes for a workout this isn't practical. But, a good warm up is definitely important regardless of your workout duration. Do what you can to protect yourself. Build ups are excellent and keeping the sprints under 20 yards or meters helps to keep you from injury if you are constrained by time.


when i was training at CP they had their people not so much "Sprint!" but start with a quick jog and slowly increase speed as part of their warm ups. i forget if there is an official "name" to that...but there ya go.


That is a build-up.


Here's my typical sprint warmup:
Jog 1 lap (400m)
Jog another, with alternating various arm swings throughout to warm up the upper body as well.
Dynamic stretching (more arm swings, torso twists, leg swings)
~10 minutes of static stretching

2x20m of each of the following:
High Knees
Short, fast skips
Exaggerated skips - jumping as high as you can
Butt kicks
Short fast kariokas
Long step karioka (step as far as you can when you bring your trailing leg around the front)
High knees variation (every third step open up your right leg as you bring it up, getting a good dynamic groin stretch, do the second one with the left leg)
95% sprint from 2-point stance
95% sprint from 3-point stance
95-100% sprint from 4 point stance

2-4 100m buildups (start with a jog, finish at ~95%)

More static stretching of any sore/tight spots

Ready for workout.

This warmup will frequently last longer than the actual workout, but combined with more stretching afterward it is a great way to stay flexible, agile, and injury free.


Check out Joe DeFranco's site. His warm-up listed there for the track work for 'skinny bastards' (obviously paraphrased) is awesome. I use it all the time. It's also good for testing your vert.