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Warming Up - Am I Wrong?


me and my friend have been working out for about 3 years..

ive always done the traditional, 3-4 sets for each muscle group yadda yadda yadda..

main problem i see with him is, he comes into the gym, warms up with 50lb dumbbells, then goes straight to 100lb dumbbells for shoulder press, so it looks like this.. 50, 100, 90, 80, 70, 70, 70 (then goes for upright rows, or lat raises, etc)

NOW, what i do, is i warm up with 50, then go up to 80, than 90, than 100. each with reps of 6-10 reps. then im done , 3 sets!!! WOO (not including warm up)

then i do lateral raises, and then shrugs, and im done shoulders.. and hes still goin at shoulder press!?

now, if i am correct, your tendons and ligaments strengthen SLOWER than muscle does.. thus why it takes years to lift tremendous amounts of weight without injury. its why you see guys with world records and they are 35+ years old. YES they have years upon years of lifting under their belts, BUT its because there tendons and ligaments have gotten stronger throughout the years.. also with getting muscle also!

but heres the dealio, i personaly think my friend without proper warm up , will someday come upon a weight where he will do say:

150lb dumbbells(hypothetically speaking of course)..

and then POP! goes a tendon or ligament.. out for 6 months..

correct me if im wrong..

thanks guys!


so warming up to your heaviest weight is a good idea...

lol as if this hasn't been discussed a hundred times before


well im simply asking if i am correct..

is that bad that he goes STRAIGHT to 100lb ?


Yes you have achieved common sense, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Don't worry about your friend he'll soon perish and die....painfully .....slowly.....MUAHAHHAHAHA!!!


Maybe he feels like he is ready to go after using the 50's. I myself do 1 set of 75's for my warm up, stretch and jump to my first heavy set of 120's.

Everyone is different..if you are making progress stick with it, you friend has pretty decent lift numbers so he must be doing something right..

There is no magic number or magic way to lift that will get you hyugeee...everyone is different..
but you are correct is saying a proper warm up is recommended for a variety of reasons..


ahahahah thanks bud..

hey, for every 12 no's there is 1 yes.


Ya..hes doing shoulder presses with 100lb db..hes the idiot...


forsure man!

120, geeze eh.. how long you been liftin?

ive been lifting for 3 years now, only been serious for the past 1.5 though.. and the first year my gym was shitty, we just got a reno. and we got weights up to 100 (only had up to 87 before, wtf eh? :P)

so i jumped from 87lb dumbbell shoulder press to 100's in about 2 weeks.. solid progress i think :slight_smile:


I do the same thing as cron, except I do 50,80,120. I don't see a 50 lb jump as THAT bad unless he is only able to do the 100's for say 2-3 reps. I'm strong enough that I can do a good bit of reps with the 120's so I'm not worried about making a large jump.


lol wut do u mean