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Warm Weather Cardio

i currently weigh 226 lbs @ 5 feet 8. my goal is… well, I’m not much of a measurement guy, but i guess I’d like to lose the spare tire and the improve the general way i look (i.e, a fireplug, but a leaner fireplug!).

I’ve been following a more or less consistent routine throughout the winter months (except for a bout of flu): compound exercises with weights on tuesday/thursday/saturday, adding some bagwork whenever time permits. thats usually what my classes allow, and it feels good to say that I’ve added numbers to all my lifts since January.

having gained an hour through the daylight savings time, I’m thinking of starting a split for cardio:

monday = morning cardio (walk)/ afternoon bagwork.
tuesday = morning cardio (sprints)/ afternoon weights.
wednesday = morning rest/ afternoon cardio (walk).
thursday = morning cardio (sprints)/ afternoon weights.
friday = morning rest/ afternoon rest/cardio (walking).
saturday = morning rest/cardio (depends where i end up fri. night) / afternoon weights.
sunday = morning walk/ afternoon game with friends.

all cardio sessions are about an hour long, all gym (weight) sessions are 1.5 hrs (biking to gym takes 15 mins).

what do you guys think? any FFBs in the house who want to put in any cents for what worked for them?

if this has already been discussed recently, I apologize in advance; a link would be wonderful. =)

thanks all!