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Warm Ups

alright guys i have a meet coming up in about a month and i’m still very new to training as a powerlifter(7weeks). how many sets/reps should i be doing for my warmups. i would like to conserve as much energy as possible obviously.

as an example the weight with my deadlift starts with 505 and my bench last week started with 325. the squat right now is reallt light since the meet is only a push/pull.


this is completely personal preference…it really will be up to how the meet is running…if its going slow make sure you take your time between warmups…if its running fast make sure u have a good handler there who can really get your equipment on fast and time your warmups based on the other contestents and how much time they received…basically take a good handler and have him watch the average warmup time given to each lifter and then based on your personal need for warmups have him put you on a stop watch so u can keep your warmup in the flow of the meet…bm

If I were to max at 325 on the bench, I would warm up as follows, 45 x 10-20, 135 x 5 (lower half reps), 225 x 2, 275 x 1, and then max at 325. This may not be what a lot of people do, but it works for me and some of my training partners.