Warm Ups Before Each Exercise?

is it neseceray to do a warm up before each exercise or is it better to just do a couple at the beggining then get in the routine…or does this all really just boil down to personal preference?

Well it depends on many factors. If you are working just one or related muscle groups you won’t need all that many warmups after the first exercise. Say it’s just a back workout and you are starting with lat pulldowns, you might do 50 80 100 140 or whatever is your top set(s). If you do rows next you don’t need to start from the bottom, 1-2 sets might be enough to get to your top weight. Also different movements require shorter/longer warmups. Think curls vs dead lifts.

If you are doing chest then back, warmups will have to be fairly complete for both in my opinion.

Just at the beginning assuming that your working out hard enough to keep your sweat going.

It does have a lot to do with personal preference (IMO). If your talking about max strength training, then there will be need for more warmup. Same goes with power training. I would advise you to play around with the warmup a bit to see what is comfortable for you.

a lot of good points. it does make sense that if im transitioning i shouldnt really need to worry about warm ups and then again i guess it really is a matter of preference. i was just looking to see what you guys thought,thanks.

for example if i start with squats, i dont do an additional full warm up for leg press or if your secondary movement was Bulgarian split squats or lunges…etc.