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Warm Up


I am looking at doing this program for the next 4 weeks - http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/a_simple_program_for_complex_results

Can some give me a good warm up/notes on how to warm up correctly for this particular program.


warmups are general, they don't change because of a specific program.

I like Inside Out http://www.inside-out-warm-up.com/


recently I've found that warming up with isolation exercises on a machine or cable stack can be useful before warming up the actual movement being trained. ie pec deck flyes before bench press, straight arm lat pulldown before pullups. but then I've had to deal with quite a few injuries and thus had to be extra careful. ymmv.

I posted a thread with a similar question and the consensus was that it didn't really matter as long as you were loose (ie full ROM), warm and confident with the movement.


Thanks heaps guys. Appreciate your help.


warming up a single muscle before a compound lift sounds like a pretty bad idea, not surprising you hurt yourself.

I just start with an empty bar, do a full set of that, add plates, do a full set of that, then work my way up to my working weight doing triples in roughly even increments. For other lifts, I just do a set or two of the movement at about 55-70% of the working weight. It does not have to be exact, just has to get you ready for the work sets.


sorry, I wasn't clear.

say with chest today, I started warming up by doing some pec deck flyes and shoulder complexes. THEN I start warming up with the bar and ramping sets to my working weight.

I've tried skipping those pec flyes and it took longer to warm up to full ROM on the pressing movement.


If thats what it takes to get yourself warmed up, then go for it. Most serious lifters I know just do a few sets of 5-10 reps with an empty bar and very little weight, then pyramid up to their working weight, or just go with triples the whole way up. All doing the movement they are warming up for. It may be that you just are not doing enough sets for your warm up. Remember that the warmup is also a time to practice your form and drill it into your muscle memory, something you cannot do if you are not performing the movement you plan to warm up for.