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Warm Up Sets: Yay or Nay

I rarely do warm sets. Before lifting, I do 5-10 mins of Jumping rope and/or some dynamic flexibility stretching. And then I do a few overhead squats with just the bar. Outside of that, I don’t do alot of warm up sets. I feel what I got so far is good enough. What you guys think?

What are you putting up for numbers? As you start moving more weight it becomes more important to do warmup sets. When I started DLing I was pulling pathetic weight so it was my warmup, workset, and muscle demolisher.

Now, while still low, I do warmup sets all the time. You have to remember that your body may be starting warm from jump roping but the muscles have only experienced slight stress. Jump roping does not fully prepare your muscles to squat or deadlift several hundred pounds or whatever you may be doing at whatever poundage, unless it’s pretty low.