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Warm-Up Sets With "Best Damn"

Hey there CT,
I’ve unfortunately just been in a motorbike accident. My right foot is a little jacked and my little toe is broken. That being said I have to put my powerlifting style training on hold until I can put some weight on it again (hoping in about a month).

Until then I was hoping to a hypertrophy program to put on some size. I like the look of your Best Damn Workout. Though I do have a concern. Not with the program, but with how the program will work for me. I don’t think I’ll be able to go all out on the last set like I’m supposed to. Having firmly planted feet with a locked in stance is a must on basically every movement.

So my question is this. In order to compensate I was thinking that I could

  1. Do a few warm-up sets to get in a bit of extra volume to pick up a little slack
  2. Just do a 4 day Push/Pull split with higher volume

I can get amped up for either one. That’s not the issue. I don’t want to loose my hard earned strength gains as much as humanly possible. So motivation isn’t the issue. Just an issue of what is optimal for my situation. My gut tells me to do 4 days because I love training high volume. But I’d just rather do what is best

What do you suggest that I do?

Thanks so much coach!
P.S. I guess re-patterning my OHP is on the back burner!

I’m on day 2 now. I gave squats a go. I was able to do better than I thought. I just shifted my weight back a little bit and was able to get in 115kg with the top set. But I ran into another question which is similar to my original.

I found that working my way up to the HDRP worked for me (today at least). How optimal is this for the big movements within this program?

My sets looked like this:
Bar x10
60 x6
80 x6
100 x6
110 x6
115KG x6-5-3 (HDRP)

Would you recommend working this way on the compound movements of the “best damn” program? I just don’t see how I could have done that squat set without at least a half-ass warm-up.I would have liked my 2x6 to be at the 110 mark then I think I could have hit that top set with 120-125. I need a longer warm-up to hit sets that close to my training max. I played it safe. I don’t want to jack up your program and I trust your work.