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Warm Up Sets for Best Damn Programs


What’s your best advice on how to perform extra warm up sets prior to the actual preparatory sets as prescribed in your programs. I’ve read several different post touching on the subject however I would really appreciate your fresh feedback.

Thank you in advance for your words of wisdom. I’ve been following you and T-Nation for years and it’s helped my training big time.

Hope this finds you and your family well.


Well, some people might need additional warm-up sets onbig compound movements if they are using a lot of weight. You can likely use up to 4 on those bigger lifts. But only do that if you REALLY need those warm-up sets to get prepared for your work set and not to “slip more volume in”.

You can do something like…

Warm-up 1: 50% of planned work set
Warm-up 2: 65% of planned work set
Warm-up 3: 80% of planned work set
Warm-up 4: 90% of planned work set

Thank you Christian! I really appreciate your feedback. This is exactly what I was looking for, and for what it’s worth, it was the big lifts where I was looking to apply the extra warm ups.

Enjoy the rest of your week and best wishes for a blessed Christmas.

Best regards,