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Warm-Up Pre-Test

We’re testing 200 h.s. football kids in 2 days before spring break. I am needing any quick warm-ups prior to each test that will help our kids excell in each test. They will have already gone thru a good dynamic warm-up, but I’m needing any additional “tricks of the trade” that will help my kids test well.
Day 1:
Clean, Squat and Bench.
Day 2:
Vertical, Broad Jump, 40 and Pro-Agility Shuttle.

Advice appeciated!!!

Thanks in advance!

Prolly shouldn’t post this in the bodybuilding forum.

Dynamic warm ups. There ya go.

Read some of CT’s articles.

Probably shouldn’t be posting this anywhere. If you’re looking for “tricks” you should not be involved in high school athletics…sorry.