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Warm Up/Mobility

Basically I’m looking to structure my warm ups/mobility around my workout so it is programmed in and I don’t miss it or mess it up. I have run into some inuries as of late that have been cause by a lack of mobility (hamstrings specifically). Anyways I have a few questions…

I keep seeing so many conflicting concepts on warm ups. Dynamic vs static vs warm up sets for a specific movement. As I always do warm up sets for my main movement, what should I do before this? Also what should I do after my training session? I have been doing static stretches and foam rolling before but I’m not sure if this is optimal. SHould I get on the rower before I train as well? I’v been diggin through old threads and theres a lot of conflicting ideas. I would love to get some advice from experienced lifters. Thanks

I generally do

a few minutes rope skipping

a few circuits of pull ups/ hindu push ups / goblet squats 45 lbs (each to the point where you feel the mildest discomfort, no further - they’re warm ups)

a few VERY short stretches for hip flexors/cossack squats for both sides

done. On to the warm up sets.