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Warm Up/Leg Conditioning?


Hey all,

As a past sufferer of shin splints, after a long lay ff ive slowly started back doing some intervals - 400's, 800's etc - Now im by no means a great runner - its not my thing but i want to prehab and condition my lower legs better, thus preventing a reoccurance of the shin splints..

My question is - what do you runners do before a session?

Im currently doing several drills over 20m. These include: -

Walking on toes
Walking on heels
High knees
Heels to butt

and repeating the sequence.

Ideally im after some ideas from more experienced runners.




Try resisted dorsiflexion stuff.

You can have a partner help you (basically have them hold your foot while you try to pull your toes towards your shin), or loop a band around your foot and do the same thing.


would you do this as part of a warm up or a stand alone exercise. Ive used this before as a superset to calf raises and worked a treat.

Any more drills/ideas?


Have you gotten someone to look at the way you run and the quality of your shoes? Sometimes, it is the mechanics and sometimes it is the shoes.

I have used the dorsiflexion tip and it worked well for me. Sometimes, it is that simple.