Warm up for TBT

Perhaps someone could provide me with some guidance. Since I’ve found T-Nation, my workouts mainly involve total body trainning. Prior to this I’ve always done splits. My question relates to how does someone warm-up for each body part. Previously I would perform approximately 5-7 mins of light cardio followed up with 2-4 sets of increasing poundages on my first exercise and then I would move to performing my first working set.

If it was “chest-day” my warm-up would basicly end there. With full body training should I continue with 2-3 light sets with each exercise (say bench alternating with rows); then prior to squats, do additional warm-ups with light weights, on squating movements.

I’m currently following Joel Marion’s Stripped Down Hypertrophy program and I’m trying working hard to complete the workout in 40-45 minutes (trying to avoid CNS failure, keeping workouts relatively brief, etc) but with the above warm-up method it would take me over an hour to complete. Thanks

Some squats with the bar and pushups is a good way to get the body temp up and muscles prepped. I throw in some external rotation to get my shoulders warmed up.