Warm-up for Field Events (Shot Put, Discus)

Hi, I am a high school thrower. During meets, I always see kids throwing PRs during warm ups and die during the actual competition. I often fail to warm up as I fear to burn out before the actual competitions. How should you warm up before throwing events? what are some things to do to warm up other then light throws?

For shot I would do some warm ups with a 20 lb shot-if your in hs, maybe some warm up with 16-, one standing one full glide. Then just stay warm, do some running in place or something to stay really warm. For discus well same thing just got to be warm so do some quick runs or something. Just try to get really psyched up and that should add some feet to your throws.

You could try some kind of imagery to supplement your warm up, this may reduce the number of practice throws you will require.

Do a few easy practice throws, dont get caught up in trying to compete during warm-ups, but do enough throws that you are loose and ready to go. Maybe throw in a few easy sets of push-ups or some jumping to get yourself fired up, but again its just warm-ups, its not gonna win the contest just take it easy and get loosened up and ready to throw. Also, imagery, visualize and attack Bobby Bouchete(from The Waterboy), would probably help.