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Warm-up for 5x5?

I’m starting the glenn pendaly and I was looking for ideas on how to warm up for the 5 sets.

Oh and what would be a good opening week weight if I box squatted 310 for 5 2 months ago?

Run around for 5-10 minutes


do the exercise with lighter weight for 10-15 reps to get the blood flowing

have sex 5 minutes before

there’s a bunch of different ways to warm up. Just pick one.

your second question is very individual. just guess, ramp up the weight and feel how hard it will be to get the 5 reps.

A good warm-up set for me is doing 10-12 reps of 1/2 of your 1RM.

As for the 2nd question, mess around with what feels comfortable for you. Feeling comfortable with a weight is all instinct for me.

hope i helped


20 reps with just the bar then a set with about 80% of your working weight

I don’t agree with any of the above recommendations.

Warm-up sets are ‘‘practice sets’’. You prepare the body for what you want to do.

The objectives of a lifting warm-up are:

  1. To increase blood flow to the working muscles
  2. To potentiate/activate the nervous system
  3. To get used to the feeling of the weight you’ll have to lift

And you must do this with as little accumulated fatigue as possible.

It doesn’t make sense to do high reps warm-ups if you are going to do low reps sets with a lot of weight. First because you do not get used to large weights, second because high reps can cause a bit too much fatigue.

As I mentionned, do not see the ‘‘pre-work sets’’ as ‘‘warm-ups’’ but rather as practice sets. Practice for what you will do.

You CAN use ONE OR TWO light set for higher reps (8-12) just to ‘‘warm the joints’’. Then you should do anywhere from 2 to 4 (depending on how much weight you will use for your work sets) practice sets of 5 reps.

If you are doing 2 practice sets:

Set 1 = 75% of what you plan on using for the first work set (e.g. if you are planning on starting with 300lbs, this first set is done with 225lbs)

Set 2 = 85% of what you plan on using (again, if you start with 300, then use 255lbs here)

  • The 2 sets approach is best for those who use 350lbs or less

If you are using 3 practice sets:

Set 1 = 70% of your first work set (let’s say that you lan on starting with 425lbs, this set should be set at around 300lbs)

Set 2 = 80% of your first work set (340 if you plan on starting with 425)

Set 3 = 90% of your first work set FOR ONLY 1-2 REPS… this is to get the feel of the heavy load without causing more fatigue (so 385 if you plan on starting with 425)

If you are using 4 practice sets:

Set 1 = 60%
Set 2 = 70%
Set 3 = 80%
Set 4 = 90%

Remember… warm-ups are PRACTICE SETS.

awesome. Thanks a bunch Christian.


On the off chance you stop by this thread again, is 85 percent of the working weight generally the “cut off” point for doing more than 1-2 reps in practice sets without incurring too much fatigue?

And do you ever like the use of 1 practice rep at or slightly above the working weight (or even a supramaximal hold) to potentiate the CNS before work sets or do you think that this type of stuff should be used sparingly?

Here is how I warm up for say squats:

8-10 reps with just the bar
5 reps 135

5 reps 185 (75%)
2 reps 225 (90%)

working weight 250 for 5x5

Takes me about 10 minutes to warm up.