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Warm Up For 1RM

I was just wondering what everyone does (or should do) for warm up before attempting their 1RM for bench/squat.

The best thing is to do several warm-up sets for the lift.

Let’s say you are doing the bench and hope to do a 1RM with 225. A proper warm-up would look like something this.

45 x 5
95 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 3
165 x 3
185 x 2
205 x 1
215 x 1

Rest 3 minutes

225 x 1

Be sure to keep the reps low and the weight increases fairly evenly spaced. you could add a couple more sets to the above if needed, or begin doing lower reps sooner.

Yup, Nate dog laid out a good one for you. I do much the same. Just a few differences.

Lets say I was going for a 300lb 1 rm I would do

bar x 20 1 minute rest
135 x 10 1 minute rest
185 x 5 1 minute rest
225 x 5 1 minute
245 x 3 2 min
255 x 3 2 min
275 x 1 2-3 min
285 x 1 2-3 min
295 x 1 2-3 min
300 x 1

Pretty much the same just a little different. I am sure damn near everyone has a little different way to skin the same cat but are fairly close when you look at the base of the attempt. I simply like the shorter rest with the lighter weights to really get the blood flowing and a good warm up and then a single or two more.

Hope that helps,

When you lift to failure you have to recover. At one minute rest you are 85% recovered. As you increase the weight to get to the 1rm you are nearer to going to failure. You need to rest enough to fully recover.

rest time % recovered
1 min 85%
2 min 97.75%
3 min 99.66%
4 min 99.95%
5 min 99.99%