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Warm Up Before Weights


I'm very lazy when it comes to warm up before my workouts,
but I always do some random stuff,especially for shoulders and arms or a few minutes of rope (skipping).

What do you guys do for warm up ? Running perhaps ?


10 minutes on the rower, work the barbell. That's about it for me


Lower Body: Bike
Upper Body: Very Tiny weights

If there's a rowing machine I'll just use that for my warmup.


Lower Body: Foam rolling, 5 dynamic stretches from Magnificent Mobility.

Upper Body: Foam rolling, 6 dynamic stretches from Inside Out.

I used to be a 5 minutes on the bike, maybe some stretching and warm up weights kind of guy. Call me a fanboy, but now I feel better whether working out or playing sports if I do the dynamic exercises. I also added 10lbs to my bench and no longer had pain at the connective tissue area between my pecs and anterior delts on ME Upper day when I started with Inside Out.


I find warming up too much to be counter productive. Couple sets of activation work, set or two of my first exercise with a very low weight, then go.


Why not take a light set (and then maybe a little heavyer set) and then your work-sets?


The best way I found is to do a light set of dynamic stretching. Get a full range of motion and get your HR up. I normally get myself on a stationary upright bike for about three minutes as well to get my desired HR of about 120-130 before I hit the weights.

As stated above, yes, too much can be counter productive. Just keep it light and simple until you hit a HR that suits your workout. Remember the more energy you can create with o2 early on in your workout will help prevent an early onset of fatigue.