Warm-Up and Cool Down for Sprints?

Hi, I’ve started the war room strategies for fat loss and today is alactic work. I’m planning on doing 4x30m + 3x60m = 300m

How do you guys warm up for this kind of sprinting session?

Do you jog and then stretch or mobility ex. and then light jogging?

And the cool down only jogging and then static stretches?


You need to go through a complete warm up first just like you would for any kind of speed and agility training. For fat loss, however, that’s probably not the most efficient workout you could be doing anyway. That’s more of a speed development kind of workout.

The first and most important part of any workout routine is the Dynamic Warm-Up. Without properly warming up the muscles prior to each training session, an athlete will be at a much greater risk of injury. The Dynamic Warm-Up uses neuromuscular specific exercises to prepare the body for activity while addressing bio-motor abilities used during sports.

A sufficient Dynamic Warm-Up will increase heart rate, respiratory rate and blood flow to muscles. It also increases the bodys core temperature and enhances muscle elasticity which has a positive role in developing power, speed, flexibility, general endurance, balance and joint stabilization. This is crucial for maximizing an athletes performance.

A Dynamic warm up (moving muscles and joints through a complete range of motion) is far superior to that of a static stretch. Studies have shown that power output actually decreases after doing static stretching.

Here is a basic one that I use with some of my H.S, College and Professional Athletes:

2 Rounds of the Following:

  1. BW Squats
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Low Pogo Jumps
  4. High Pogo Jumps

1 Round of the Following:

  1. Front Skips x20YDS
  2. Side Shuffle x20YDS each way
  3. Side Run x20YDS each way
  4. Backwards Cycle x20YDS
  5. Forward Lunge Walk/Opposite Reach
  6. Lateral lunge Walk/Opposite Reach

1 Round of the Following Ground Based Drills

  1. Lying leg Raise x10 each
  2. Hip Pop Ups x15
  3. 4 Way Hip Circles x10 each
  4. Scorpions x10
  5. Roll over to V-Sit

Give it a shot, and you’ll definitely be ready to go!

warm up

jog 400m
gynamic stretchs
hurdling stretchs
A skips
B skips
hurdle drills

Do a few rolling 30m and 3 point starts and your good to go


Warm down, jog 400m, do some static stretchs = done

My warmup:

1-2 min of jogging followed by dynamic lower body drills for sprinting, some torso movements and shoulder circles, followed by short static stretches.

I generally walk around for cooldown purposes until my heart rate drops a whee bit. Then I will shower and stretch after.

One thing that becomes very important is to lightly massage the lower body before you run(get the stick, muscletrac, or use your foam roller), as it helps prevent hamstring pulls and aids in warm-up.

Ryan’s warm up description is a bit excessive for someone like you who is just looking to lose weight through sprinting, but Koing brought up B-skips which are about the last thing you want to do if you’re trying to increase speed or mechanics. I guess they’re fine if all you want to do is warm up, but in my opinion, they teach you exactly what NOT TO DO while you sprint - that is overstriding through an improper lower body sprinting action.

Okay this a bit offtopic, but I thought you were a professional tennis player like you mentioned in a previous thread. If this is still the case then I doubt that this session you described above is going to do a lot for fat loss, because you are already playing a lot of tennis, going to the gym and doing other types of conditioning, so the only thing that could be holding you back in terms of fat loss is your diet.

Here is the Parisi Warm-up Method from the Parisi Speed School: