Warm Itchy Feeling on Low Dose TRT

Did you ever figure it out?!? I am experiencing the same thing and it is ruining my quality of life.

Since he revived this old thread and I read it and am curious what you @systemlord did about your high-ish RT3? Last thyroid check mine was high normal RT3 and mid range T3.

I was able to reduce RT3 be lifting weights, diet changes and 7mg daily injections. I did all that while iron deficient, imagine what I could do with healthy iron levels.

The key here was decreasing insulin resistance which was causing low SHBG and higher insulin levels. My SHBG went 16–>22, pre-TRT SHBG was 14.

Hmm… Any particular diet that helped? I’m eating fairly clean, workout regularly and do smaller more frequent injections. I definitely feel best when I cut out carbs completely but it also makes it hard to gain muscle as fast (unless that’s in my head). My SHBG is around 40

I was eating steak, lots of chicken, eggs and more vegetables. No carbs.

Do you still feel symptoms of itching/burning? For me, I have the same but no dry skin. Just feels somewhat similar.

It happens off TRT as well, I’m guessing its gut inflammation from being iron deficient for so long. I never had any of these symptoms earlier on in TRT, only after being diagnosed with iron deficient.

Low or even high iron can cause itchiness, high iron causes me overstimulation of the skin.