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Warm Injection Site. Do I Have an Infection?

Aight so I just injected 250 mg of test e, my 10th injection in my cycle so far. I always go with the glute. However I dont know if I have an infection or not, now. It’s a little bit pink after I massaged it in, and it’s a bit warm. Plus some skin around it is a little dense. Do I have an infection?

I’m no expert by any means, but in the spirit of trying help I will have make to a few assumptions based on your question. Please forgive me if the assumption is wrong.

Assumption #1. You stated that this is the 10th injection of your cycle. The assumption is that you’re injecting twice a week for 500mg total a week? If this is true then your at around the 5 week mark?

Have you rotated sites? You could be just sore as hell from continuously injecting into the same areas.

Assumption #2. Your running a cycle so the assumption is that you’re running ugl test. If this one is true then there’s really no guarantee of what you’re putting into your body. It could be an allergic reaction to shark piss for all we know.

Yoh didn’t mention anything about warmth or spreading so I’m gonna say probably not.

Monitor it tho if heat starts to come from the redness and it looks like it’s spreading seek medical attention.

Was your tenth shot from the same bottle as the other nine? Depending on how well you measure it could be from a new bottle and a new bottle, even if from same source and marked as same batch doesn’t mean it’s clean and sterile like the first one.

Honestly it sounds like you injected into tissue that was either still tender from a previous shot or the tissue wasn’t relaxed and you went fast. This happens to my glutes during cycles where I have to make multiple shots over 1cc per week. Anything over 1 cc tends to go into my glutes. I am willing to bet the tissue is just irritated and there is not an infection. Give the site a break for well over a week, preferably two weeks. Should be good after that.

Remember to rotate sites. I try to not repin any muscle more often than once a week and even doing that I get lumps like you describe.

probably not

it should disappear in 10 days , happened me too

draw a circle around the injection site with a sharpie. If the redness moves outside the circle towards the heart, you have an infection. More than likely not.