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Warhammer 40,000?


I saw some Warhammer 40,000 books and they looked quite interesting.

I gleaned that they are a tie in to some role-playing game but my question is if anyone here can tell me which book I could start with. I don't have any interest in playing the game, but just want to know about the books.

Also it seems as though there's stuff that's sci-fi (The Warhammer 40,000 stuff) as well as fantasy stuff (just "Warhammer") that seems to be to be set in the ancient history of the 40,000 stuff. Am I right?

Thanks for any help!


If you want good Warhammer books your first port of call is the 'Eisenhorn' trilogy. It's an Imperial Inquisitor (think Spanish but nastier) eradicating Chaos and evil in the 40k universe and is quite superbly written. Then Gaunt's Ghosts, which is much more action gung-ho adventure but they're good page turners and there's tons of them so they're great holiday reads. Some people like the Ravenor trilogy but I never cared for it. There's a lot of pap out there but Dan Abnett is an awesome writer.

Warhammer is not 'ancient history of' 40k it used to be until 3rd edition then they diversified the universes. Yes I played Warhammer for many years and am not ashamed!


Just google the Horus Heresy series of books and just start piling through them. That should take you a year of awesome reading. Probably my favorite books honestly, hard not to love the violence and heroism in them.




Horus Heresy.
Gaunts Ghosts.

All good books.

everything Bambi said.


Are these books that good? I've been meaning to get round to them for a while but never quite have.


Yes is the simple answer. They can get quite fucked up though, especially the one about whatever the other primarch is called. Forget the name, something with an E.


hmmm do you get your virginity back when you finish 1 of the books lol?


Only if you've recently dressed as a professional wrestler without the physique to match.

On topic, the Horus Heresy series, Eisenhorn and Ravenor series, the Ciaphus Cain series, William King's Space Wolves, and anything by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.


I LOVED this game back in the day. Had a whole Dark Angel army, figures made out of pewter and plastic, you had to paint them yourself and everything. Ultimate nerd-dom, but loved the strategy involved.

Anybody else play?

To answer your question Nards, yes Warhammer 40K is the sci-fi version (think Starcraft or Starship Troopers) and plain Warhammer is the medieval version (think knights and orcs and such).

40K was much cooler to me, but both games were epic. They also built out some PC and console versions of the games, but the ones with figurines were by far the best.


I used to paint the space marines, But I made my own colours and stuff up. Man I loved painting those things but I never played the game.


The first 5 especially. Some of the others are a bit hit and miss though.


Yep. I get I one game day a month and WH40K is always a popular choice.


What race do you use?


Well I got into the hobby when I was 12 but didn't have enough money to play seriously. Now that I have money I have been scouring Ebay for all the old miniatures I wanted as a kid but could never afford :slightly_smiling:

I have an Ork army made up of 20+ year old lead minis.

I also have an Eldar army made up of all the original, as they were called then, "Space Elves".


Most 40k books are terrible.

With that said the Ragnar Blackmane books are pretty decent and the first 3 of the Horus Heresy is ok.

I play Dark Angels in 40k and have 11 armies for Fantasy.

The Games are far better than the books.


I get the feeling from reading some of the "history" on the Wiki that the back story is ENORMOUS. What books are good to start with to get a broad view to understand the history of the whole thing?


Horus Heresy.


11!!! Sweet Jesus on a pogo stick! They all painted?

As for the book, yep, there are some bad ones. Stick with Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill and you can't go far wrong.


I have a High Elves army in Fantasy and Dark Eldar in 40k. I love Dark Eldar :slight_smile: