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Wardog's Conjugate Training In The Dungeon

My name is Wayne Rodgers and I am a new member to this board. This is my first post and first log on T-Nation. I am a raw powerlifter and have competed at 181 and 163. My best lifts are the following:

Squat 370
Bench Press 240
Deadlift 400

I have a few years of training experience. I started out doing Starting Strength for 6 months and GSLP for 5 months in 2013. In 2014 I ran a conjugate method with good results for 10 months. I then ran an 11 week DUP cycle which got me to my all time best 370 squat in 2015. During this period my deadlift and bench didn’t progress as much as they did with the conjugate method.

I then went into a 4-5 day bodybuilding split using 5/3/1 for the rest of 2015 into early 2016 which saw my squat drop significantly due to low squat volume but helped my bench press and upper body development a lot due to pressing 3x a week (bench one day, OHP 2 days later and close grip bench 2 days after that).

I now weigh 200 lbs and am very out shape. After 2 long periods of inconsistency, my squat is actually a lot lower (probably around 320). Current rep PRs on bench press however are pointing towards a 255 bench. I also hit a 400 deadlift a few weeks ago. This week I am starting the conjugate method again and plan on bringing up the weak points I know I have to get even better results than last time.

Conjugate Training Split
Monday: ME Squat/Deadlift
Wednesday: ME Bench Press
Friday: DE Squat/Deadlift
Saturday: DE/RE Bench Press
2 non lifting days: optional GPP

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Monday ME Squat/Deadlift Day

ME Front Squat
45 2x5

Backoff Sets
140 3x5

Sumo Stiff Leg Deadlift
135 3x10

Good Mornings
95 3x1 minute (14,13,13 = 40 total)

Split Squat
20’s 3x12

Rest Pause 15+10+6

I suck at front squats so this will be a max effort movement (I will use movements I suck at for ME and accessory). I am using Massthetics as a guideline for my conjugate training. For squats and deads I will start with a movement that causes me to use the lightest loads out of any ME lift (front squat) and end up at the highest loads (conventional deadlift with chains). Today was also my first day using Sumo SDL’s and GM’s for time. I’m starting off very light to get the form down and feel it in my posterior chain. The weight will increase over time.

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Wednesday ME Bench Day

ME Close Grip Bench Press
225x3 (3 rep close grip bench PR)

Backoff Sets
180 3x5

Spoto Press
155 3x6

Neutral Grip Incline DB Press
50’s 2x15 (murdered my pecs tris and Delts)

Red Mini Band Pushdowns x100 (70+10+20)

Chest Supported DB Rows
50’s x16,14,10

Rear Delt Raises
30’s x12,10,12

My chest was still sore from a RE bench session this Sunday before I started my schedule. I did 185 for 11 reps on bench then a few sets of paused reps. So I’d say this was a good session from being a little fatigued and hitting a close grip PR. Also the backoff sets moved very fast.