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War Time Bench Press


I thought I'd share this photo from TIME magazine. A Canadian soldier sets up a make-shift bench press using a rod and barbed wire.


thats cool ...inventive too




Thats dedication right there.


Trouble is that barbell cost taxpayers $175,000 to make. lol


Adapt, Improvise, overcome.


that's really neat.


Did they mention how much it weighed?


Candian soldier- "Can u guys spot me from the sides?"
Guys- "Uhhhhh" Looks at eachother



good one.

I know it's a joke, but I don't think it's heavy enough to require a spot.


I was just thinking "I wonder how much that weighs." Probably don't look like much, but barbed wire isn't light. And that's wrapped pretty thick.


I guess it depends on that bar. Is it a car axle or something? (I have literally no idea)


It could be a sweet joust too...


damn, no excuse like, "hey guys there's no 24 hour fitness around here in the desert, guess I can't work out"