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War Room - How Do I Get In?


How does one get in?


Are you in the military, or have been?

Nice join date to post ratio, impressive sir!


Confirmed kills


Yes, Current serving Canadian Military.

Been a lot of discussions I want to take part in there. Must be invite only.


you've been added. eh?




How about myself? US Navy here


I would like to be added as well. US Navy - 15 years.


Added you both.


Does ODST, UNSC Marines count? I figured not.


lollll ^


I wear camo field jackets and jungle boots everyday, carry a combat knife and water purification tablets in my sock and hang around army surplus stores. I also tell everyone who'll listen that I'm in the SAS, a black belt 12th dan in Jujitsu and just back from secret missions behind enemy lines. I'm fixated on guns and like to talk endlessly about war and methods of killing people efficiently. Although I'm morbidly obese I feel I would make an outstanding soldier and my psychiatrist says I'm getting better so long as I keep taking my medication. Do I get in?


ME too 4 years army 11B


I'll be joining the Air Force for medical school this summer. I was hoping to get added to the War Room so I could ask some questions about COT and how to get some ABU items in sage green. It may seem silly, but I'm supposed to be in Alabama in 3 weeks and I haven't received orders yet and I'm a little freaked out about what I should have prepared.


I'd like to get in too, U.S.Army 3 years