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War Room Group


I would like to Join the War room group, how can I become a member


Are you in the military or have been?


I thought you were welcome as long as you don't fight in there.

Damn my jokes are lame.


yes, Marines 01-05


Then welcome.

Now, give me 50.


edit - dammit i hate being late to the party




If you get in, you can see the big board.




"Mein Furher!!.......I can valk!!!"

Do I get ass to mouth if I know what movie this is from?


Come on man. If you got ass-to-mouth for knowing a few lines from the greatest comedy of all-time (maybe second greatest, behind Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) that would seriously cheapen the value of ass-to-mouth.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


Hmmmm, good point.

However, you know there were people reading this thread thinking, "what movie are they talking about?"


Nah, they were probably thinking "DBCooper is a fucking faggot with all this ass-to-mouth shit in every other post of his."


Your posts are trying to steal my essences.

Dont deny it, I am on to you.


I can feel your power. Do not deny me your essence.


I'd like to get into The War Room too, as I was in the Canadian army long ago. I have a pic to prove it but my unit wore a balmoral, so I'd also get laughed at.


ah what the fuck it would get posted by me eventually.

Now can someone recommend me for Th War Room please?


You're in.


fuck me that's so awesome.

u the man, nards


There is so much Awesome in that outfit I have no words for it. You put my uniform to shame