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War on Terrorism

I have just seen a Sydney Muslim leader on ch9 being interviewed on Australian Muslims’ reactions to the sending of troops to Afghanistan. He had several valid points and one puzzling one, but the one thing I would agree with him on 100% was the actions of Tony Blair. Blair has been running around spouting rhetoric about fighting terror etc., and yet he has the most notorious terrorist organization in the world in his own backyard. The question is once they have finished with al-Queda and bin Laden, what are they going to do about other organizations?

The current attacks in Afghanistan are a necessity to reply to the WTC tragedy, but they must carry it on. They have momentum, now they should finish the job.
I hope they show the IRA, its splinter groups and supporters the same mercy they show the hapless Afghans.
Lets see how easy it is carry out ‘justice’ on one’s own people.
I have always been in favour of Decimation in regard to Ireland. (Decimation is the ancient Roman practice of selecting one person in ten randomly and executing them. So for every British person killed by the IRA or sympathisers, ten catholic Irish should be selected at random from a group of 100 and executed).

And further to this, the IRA has long been supported by huge cash donations from extremely wealthy Americans. Will Bush hunt these people down and either execute (we should be so lucky) or imprison indefinitely these scum?
Lets hope this current situation is indeed a war on terrorism, and NOT one solely on Muslim terrorists.

I agree that the “war on terrorism” is mis-named. It is really a war on Islamic anti-American terrorists. Islamic terrorists who are against Israel get a pass. Israel should “negotiate” with them. As far as the IRA, I think it’s a little unfair to target Catholic civilians.

The IRA is clearly seen in a different light. Many Irish-Catholic Americans view them the same way as Palestinians view the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. Plus the IRA takes out its frustrations on people in N. Ireland…not Americans.

But your main point is right…and indeed, I think it should really be a war on Muslims and their backward ass religion. All the countries in that area are overpopulated and anti-American. They blame us for all their problems when it’s really their own and their leads faults.

Originally, the IRA was formed to protect against the protestant burning of Catholic churches. Unfortunately, you are right in that they have ended up being a terrorist organization full of thugs. But let’s not leave out the Israeli secret service who is probably one of the most masterfull terrorist organizations around. But, to date, they have not killed 6000 American civilians or released biological agents here. Should they do that, Bush will take appropriate action. I can’t predict what Tony Blair may or may not do but I doubt that he would have had the balls to attack Argentina the way Margaret Thatcher did.

maybe my fact book is wrong, so you could help me out— when is the last time the IRA attacked and killed a lot of Americans?

Ok it seems there is some confusion here. Tony Blair is the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

First of all sydney muslims have been carring out “tettorist” attacks on australians, in particular young girls in south west sydney.

Second the IRA has is no longer an active terrorist organisation. The splinter groups like the real IRA are being brought to order for their actions like the Omagh bombing. If the Union side brings its para-millitary organisations like the UDF to heel, Ulster will be able to share in the bounty and prosperity that the republic of Ireland is now enjoying.

Third, I agree that attacking Afghans is not the answer. The Afghans (Talaban and Northern Alliance) are right shits to the own people. But other than heroin productions their efforts don’t affect the rest of the world directly. The attacks carried out on 11 September were by Arab nations living in western countries (U.S. and Germany). Action must be aim at the right targets for revenge and to prevent further attacks. It is within western countries that the problem lies and the solution must be found.

Lastly, your decimation suggestion has been tried by the likes of Olvier Cromwell. It did not work.

Lets carry through your Decimation idea. But if you argue for a war on terrorism and not solely Muslim terrorism, your Decimation idea would have to be carried out world wide. Thus 6000 dead in WTC means 60 000 dead of the relations of the terrorist. Who are these realtions?

I am sure your ideas would go over very well in China or Russia now that the KGB runs the place again. What are the odds of Russia doing that kind of thing right now in Chechnya? Very good, as there has been bodies discovered with their wrists bound and a bullet to the head. Why are you wasting valuable space in a free society when sick fucks like you could be living the kind of sick existance you espouse in some tyranical regime somewhere.

well as somebody else pointed out the ira has never pulled off such an organized grand scale attack, but i am skeptical that blair’s just another gutless leader more concerned with opinion polls and being political correct than being committed to doing the right thing…and here’s some food for thought, you can root out all the terrorists that you want, but you have got to understand that without powerful fiancial backing the terrorists groups could never pull off such an organized scheme, the real test will be in taking out the governemnt regimes and powerful bankers and financiers who fund and harbor the terrorists. don’t know if it will happen or if we’ll screw around and ask the united nations, may i?

So you support the Roman practice of “decimation” in Ireland–ten innocent Irish Catholics killed for every British person killed by the IRA? That makes you a terrorist yourself. By this post, I am by no means endorsing the tactics of the IRA but as an Irish-American Catholic, I am repulsed by your post. You are advocating the killing of my people!!!

i echo that gymdawg

The Northern Ireland problem would not exist if the Protestant Scots did not try to forcibly settle Ireland. One thing few people realize is that, besides the religious differences, the Catholic Irish and the Protestant Irish are of completely different genetic stock. A recent genetic study proved this. The Protestant Irish have their origins as foreign transplants from Scotland. It really is no wonder that the native Irish resented the influx of the Scots. The descendents of those Scots are now called Protestant Irish, but really they were not Irish originally.

The point is, there has been a lot of rhetoric about fighting terrorists and those who support them, so from this can we assume Bush will hunt down the IRA financiers and supporters in the States and give them the chair? And will Blair give the SAS carte blanche to eliminate anyone in Ulster or the Republic even suspected of being associated with terrorism? If not we can see that this is all just a popularity booster for Bush and Blair.
Bigdave you must be an ex-US military advisor circa Vietnam. Vietnam-the most winnable war in history lost by the most powerful nation.

Ok… some need a little perspective here…most countries have some form of terrorism. There are alot of groups out there that get little press in North America and Pacific Rim countries. As for the IRA, their main threat is an internal one not exactly an international threat. (although they have ties to other groups and been known to bomb cars and assasinate British Soldiers that were stationed in Germany)… been there! Italy during bomb blasts as well.

I have a question for the latest T-board idiot! If you’re killing some Irish… are you just going to kill ones in Ireland or some from throughout the world like ones in the States? (no need to answer… just a stupid question to a stupid post).

Many terrorist groups are confined to the country in which they feel a cause… I doubt The US will want… or be wanted to strike in countries that have terrorist groups that do not operate globally. The one thing is that this is truely a new war and an international anti-terrorist force must be made to deal with it. American troops would not be welcome by most countries… including Canada (the defunct FLQ), France, Germany, Russia and England that name only a few that have terrorist groups operating from within. They are an internal matter, just as the United States would not allow coalition forces to take out terrorist cells operating within it’s territory?

England used to think of the 13 Colonies as terrorists… and now they are allies against others (history doesn’t really have a very long memory)… so what is a terrorist? Is it a group that opposes it’s own countries Dictatorship? Or is it groups that indiscriminately kill anyone for their cause… Many governments call any and all opposition to their “Rule” terrorists. The Groups simply want to shake the suppressive governments. Terrorist groups will have to be categorized by threat level and goal. The Northern Afghan warlords are terrorists in the eyes of the Taliban … should they be taken out? Are they terrorists? … not to the western world.

Funny things on the news today. The IRA has agreed to disarm and the Chechnians are talking about a peace agreement too. Maybe they see the handwriting on the wall.

Hey dickhead Dale, Bush says he wants to fight the backers of terrorism. In the case of the IRA that includes rich Americans. In that case it does not matter whether or not the IRA operate globally or whether or not they have killed an American. Those questions are irrelevant.