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War medals

It’s so funny because of the element of truth.

Why is it funny when you do it, but not when ZEB does it?

And just in case you are wondering what I am talking about, this is your reply to ZEBs humor post about a Bush Bashing convention, and I quote:

"I can’t even believe you took the time to type that bullshit, I certainly won’t waste the time needed to read it. Maybe it was even kind of funny, but I seriously doubt it.

You should stick to warning people about the dangers of bench pressing, or maybe a new article about how many one arm chins you can do. "

why dont practice what you preach and stick to doing whatever it is you do in the training forum (if anything) instead of trying to be amusing in the offtopic section?

Hey its cool and all, I didn’t mind what Zeb posted, but to clarify something for you, tme’s post is directed at dubya. You and your camp have posted plenty about Kerry. Zeb’s satyrical comic relief was a little more hostile directed at fellow posters. Yes it was funny, but it was thinly veiled hostility.

Elk’s right on the money… Zeb’s diatribe may have been funny… but it was spiteful and calling it vieled is being polite.

The cartoon above makes fun of Bush, which as far as we know, you aren’t him…

The pic is a little shrunken, I take it that is a Boy Scout on the right hand side?

Thanks for proving my point, guys. As long as it is you its cool, but if its somebody else…

me and my camp? riiiiiiiiiight…

and since when can you tell someones intentions, vroom? do you have some kind of internet esp? just because ZEB posted it does not mean it is spiteful towards non-republicans- that is simply your assumption…

Da man, he used real people’s names and then put them in very unflattering positions. I don’t have to have ESP to know that people can be insulted by things like that.

You are being silly if you are trying to compare making fun of Bush to making fun of other posters on this forum. They are not the same at all. If you can’t tell the difference between the two then that speaks poorly of you.

Lumpy: It’s a Girl Scout, and she wants her “Top Cookie Sales” medal back.

DA: If you can’t tell the difference between linking an image that pokes fun at dumbya and zebbie’s post, then trying to explain it would be a real waste of time.

For as often as Kerry hides behind his medals, it’d sure be nice if could actually produce them.

Didn’t he throw them over a wall?..no, wait - he didn’t throw his precious medals…he threw his ribbons…no, wait - his metaphorically threw them in a show of protest…no, wait - 30 years later he’s proud of them because they might mean another vote or 2.

shakes head and laughs

I love you guys. Seriously, you kill me.

First of all I did not use anyones real name in my little satire. Unless you use your real names on this forum. You don’t do you?

Secondly, I have read political posts from everyone who starred in my story. At least some of those posts have included direct personal attacks on those who did not agree with them. And might I add that they were not done in fun. Now that is mean spirited!

Thirdly, I love political humor, no matter which side it is directed at. The above cartoon is indeed funny.

Fourthly, I am beginning to believe others who PM’d me (many have) and informed me that liberals do not have a sense of humor…Now who would have thought that?

tme, I didn’t think it was very funny!

That is until you said it was a girl scout asking for her medal back, then it was damn funny, I couldn’t read the medals.

Any of you guys watch The Daily Show? He rip on both sides pretty hard even though I still think he goes harder on bush. Anyways it’s some funny shit.

I don’t know how best to view it in IE, but in Netscape you can right click on it and select “View Image” and you’ll be able to see it much better.

C’mon don’t simplify the obvious. We know you didn’t use our real names, but in this little internet community you used our identities.

An example of the hostility: I have never read a post where Right Side Up has done anything, but put forth his opinion on matters and pose questions around the topic. He has always done this in what I feel is a respectfull manner.

You write a funny little story about him shitting his pants. Whew, that takes a lot of creativity and your cohorts are falling over laughing! He puts forth interesting debate, you write stories about shitting in ones pants!

It should not surprise me though that seems to be the mentality of the right, resort to name calling when all else fails!

Well Zeb, go ahead and come back now saying we do the same thing to you and were the ones who started it. Were used to that already.

Elkhntr1, I will attempt to save zebbie or others the trouble of having to type this, part of their standard come-back arguement:

“Yeah, but Clinton got a blow-job.”

You guys should actually be honored, Just like when someone gets ripped on saturday night live. They always seem to be able to laugh at jokes directly depicting themselves. I don’t think ZEB did this in a mean spirited way, I actually think he was trying to have a bit of fun. I mean come on, RSU with poopy pants, thats classic. :wink:

I would actually love to read one going the other way, I’m sure it would be over the top, and that would make it hilarious. Just have fun.

Hey Elk…You never read a post where RSU crapped his pants, because one does not exist! um…it’s comedy my man…jokes…funny stuff… It’s not reality. And it was labeled as such at the very beginning. HELLO?

Zeb, for the record, I thought it was hilarious.

It’s also true that there are differences between general statements, directed statements and heated arguments where the words are flying.

Who really gives a shit anyway… I want the next issue to hurry up and be available!

Thanks man!

Hey, I did think Zeb’s thread was funny, and I’m one of those you call a dastardly liberal.

Childish? Sure, as Elhntr as pointed out, but I can still appreciate some juvenile humor.

Seems to me the conservative prudes (i.e. right wing)jumping all over Janet’s boobs (now theres an image for you) are the ones with their assholes sewn tight.