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War Eagle Open


Anyone lifting at the War Eagle Open on March 19 at Flowery Branch? Its a Team GA held meet. Just interested to see if anyone was coming out to it.


Is it in Georgia? Then no, sorry.


I had considered it till i pulled my quad. I haven't trained in 2 weeks now and my leg is still bothering me.


Holy shit is that going on down in Auburn? I just might have to do this.


No its at Flowery Branch in Gainesville, GA.


I went to AU! You guys alums/students there?


Hell yeah Thrower! I graduated 2007, what about you? Where you kicking around at these days? Down in Birmingham myself.


1995! I am in northern cali now.



I am an alum, 2002 engineering and 2010 Masters Finance. I also still live there.


Well hell yeah fellahs. We could have a regular ole' get together at some point in the future. Perhaps around some sort of weightlifting competition even!