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Wanting to Work Out Again

I started working out last summer with Scrawny to brawny… I was only 103 pounds at age 18!!
well over that summer i gained around 15 pounds!!!

I finished Scrawny to Brawny during this year and was told by many on this forum to move on to Rippetoes 5x5 program and so I did.
I gained a bit more, (I was a rond 125 pounds) but when the program started getting me tired and it took too long ( I’m in college so it was hard to find time)I was told to do bill star’s 5x5.

I did that the rest of my college year, but in the last 2 months I got sick and when finals came around I just lost the rythem and stopped eating a lot… I then stopped working out altogether and for 2 months now I have not worked out.
But now the summer is here!! and I want to start again. it’s not like a lot of time passed only 2 months… but I have lost almost ten pounds!!
So I’m starting to eat again… but should I continue with the bill star 5x5? or move on to something else? or maybe I should ease into it since I havent worked out in 2 months?

I’m 5 feet 6 inches and 19 years old. I’m now 117 pounds, and I now fit back into pants I was about to throw out!


Did Bill Starr’s program get you consistent gains? Did Rippetoe’s?

Do whatever works.

We don’t know you, only you do.

if I were you , I would figure out for myself which program to do next

eat something

well the first program scrawny to brawny gave me the 15 first pounds I gained…
but that probably would have happened no matter what I did cause i’m tiny…

so I just wanted suggestions on where to go next?
there is I think more scrawny to brawny phases… but they cost money…do you think its worth it?

if u think it is worth it go for it.


[quote]shamguy4 wrote:

I’m in college so it was hard to find time

Does not compute.