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Wanting to Try Metabolic Drive/Surge

About 6 months ago, I purchased Jay Robb Whey protein from Whole Foods and my body had a really bad reaction to it. I had violent diarrhea for 2 days. I had cut all dairy out of my diet, so my assumption is that it was a lactose intolerance problem.

Since then I have been using hemp protein.

But based on comments on this site, even people that are lactose intolerant can handle certain kinds of Whey protein, such as what is in Metabolic Drive and Surge.

I would like to try Metabolic Drive and Surge, but I do not want to buy an entire tub if I am going to have problems.

Is there a way to know based on my bad reactions to the above protein whether I would be able to tolerate Metabolic Drive and Surge?

Is there any way to buy a 1 serving packet of any of the Biotest whey products?

You should email their customer service.

I think you can return unused portions of a product you are not satisfied with, but I can’t recall if this extends to protein-based products.

Yes, even people with severe lactose intolerance may have reactions to Metabolic Drive or Surge. It is highly individual.