Wanting to try a cycle

I am wanting to try a cyle. Let me tell you about myself. I am 5’11, 195, 13% body fat, age 40. I have worked out for many years, eat well, primarily EAS, meal replacement, tuna, MESO-TECH Bars,salad. I do eat chineese and pizza at least once a week. I need to stop.
I am using the MAG-10 and Tribex, HMB, Creatin, CLA, Glutamine. Would like to try a cycle. My body type is that I am lean, except around my waiste. I would like to put on some muscle, and not retain allot of fluid. I do not put on muscle easily.
I am in the military and want to be careful. If you need more information, please PM me.

I appreciate all advice for working out, supplements, roids, etc.

I do not want to use injectables, only want to use orals. Where would you recommend I buy the roids?

Dude you need to do a lot more reading first before you even consider steroids. Look up the newbie thread, read some articles here. Lots of people will help you out but nobody is going to do the work for you. Oh and nobody is going to tell you where to buy gear.

Do some reading and work on a plan.


You NEED to read the ‘steroid newbie forum’. Search it up or be flamed…

Oh, and HMB still doesn’t work.

HMB makes me feel like I’m on Deca.

Seriously though, your biggest problem is that you’re scared of needles. If something is worth doing then it’s worth doing right.

If I were to use an oral only cycle, I would use d-bol. Do a search, and under the s-files, brian batcheldor has some pretty cool ideas on how to use d-bol safely. D-bol is in my view the best oral available for growth, not to mention a feeling of well-being. Also, use an anti-estrogen such as nolvadex or clomid during your cycle. At 40 years old, you should use injectables if possible to avoid unwanted sides. Oxandrolone is also a possibility but is quite expensise and will not give you the same results d-bol will. Very good articles under s-files for older bodybuilders who want to add extra muscle safely. Hope this helps.

Research, research, research… or you will get torched!!!
I’m really surprised you haven’t felt anything from Mag-10… It does work!
And needles, well they’re part of the game.