Wanting to Start TRT

Thanks for pointing that out. Several times on this forum I have been misunderstood as being condescending when saying, “You’re not on TRT,” or asking, “Why do you want to start TRT if you don’t need it?”

Anyway, and this might seem condescending again (even though it isn’t) someone having the idea that TRT is something one just starts with no diagnosis shows a lack of simple understanding of what TRT is for, a medical condition and nothing else. If a eugonadal man went to my doc’s office he wouldn’t continue seeing him. Hence I don’t even refer men who inquire about him and want to “talk to him”.


I always laugh when someone responds that way when I’ve said the same thing or see someone respond that way to someone else.

People low dose cruising on roids that don’t even know they are is funny and baffling to me.



You’re welcome dude…someone needed to finally say, and directly, that we do NOT all relish the hinderances of doctor visits, injections, getting blood continually drawn for labs, dealing with the bitch ass pharmacies, etc.

I often wish it was as easy as someone who has to just take a high blood pressure medication daily: pharmacies never seem to “run out” of BP meds, the pharmacists don’t look at you like you’re gaming the system or doing something nefarious getting…oh my god…testosterone, or you don’t get a bitchy pharmacist that insists you show your goddam ID because “sir, this is a controlled substance!”, etc. They just swallow a pill each day…no injections, no judgement, and hell, I bet they can get 3 months filled each time. Not us

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Yup. I also have a strong suspicion that those who say they’re “working with” a doctor or who say their doctor prescribed a gym-roid plan are not seeing a doctor.

A favorite of mine is the ol “I feel like I have low T, so I’m going to self-medicate with Testosterone injections/TRT”. And what are they basing their injection dosage levels on…? Nothing. Just guessing, and obviously more often than not choosing to take a higher dosage of 150-200mg/wk. No bloodwork, no conferring with a doctor to check that their cholesterol, PSA levels, Hemocrit/hemoglobin, liver/kidney function, etc is healthy and reasonable.

But of course this is NOT TRT, it is simply wishing to take test injections to maybe lose some BF, or gain a couple of pounds of muscle…nothing is based upon truly wanting to improve the host of other items that go along with true TRT therapy like improving cognitive abilities, mood, alertness, concentration, energy levels, heart and organ health, etc. Even worse, these individuals are not able to use true pharmaceutical[safe] testosterone[since that would entail going to a legitimate doctor to obtain a legitimate prescription], but rather are using UGL testosterone so who really knows if the stated dosage strength is accurate, or what other substances/contaminants may be in that oil. If they were truly wanting to be on TRT and realized the lifelong commitment it is, they would not be as eager to be injecting a mystery oil into their bodies for decades.




Understood guys. This is purely a forum for people on TRT through a doctor.



I believe there are some good guys on here who don’t want to see others make bad decisions mess themselves up. Also, considering it’s a TRT forum, I think they want to discuss TRT for what it actually is. There is another forum for doing roids for bodybuilding and other PED’s.


Negative. But if its not through a doctor its not TRT and likely not medically necessary. Its cycling steroids. If you want to cycle steroids or permanently be on steroids just say so.


You mean similar to like I did in my second post?

Hey there, @blshaw and @BrickHead , I have really benefitted from reading your posts on various threads (I’m new to the forum and mostly just listening and learning).

I want to ask (respectfully), both of you have profile pictures that look freakin fantastic to be honest, way more jacked and ripped than I have been able to attain naturally.

Is it because you have done actual AAS cycles earlier in life and have just been able to keep most of it? I ask because of how strong your advice is regarding TRT (rightfully so), but it’s hard to see dem sick abs and not look for a way to be jealous LOL

Much love,


This was an excellent post and should be a must read for anyone posting here and considering or even just thinking about TRT. Thankyou


Appreciate the compliment brother. I’ve been working out 5 days a week for 25 years and have been on TRT for 7 years. I ran several mild blasts but stopped a little over a year ago as I didn’t see very much permanent benefit over TRT. I also always had negative side effects from using more than optimum testosterone levels. Some guys can get away with it but I’m not one of them.

Open disclosure: that avatar picture was me pumped at the gym with great lighting. I don’t look near that good without a pump but I’m honest about that and not trying to be an instagram star. I’m happy with where I’m at today and prefer health instead of 5 lbs of extra muscle that mild steroids will get me over TRT.

PS. @BrickHead is the real stud. I’ve never had the dedication he has to be so lean and ripped.


@blshaw @TurtleTantrum thank you guys so much. I consider myself an average guy who loved this stuff and gave it effort. Now I’m a tired, balding middle-aged guy just trying to keep in shape.

@blshaw I only got to 5% once and I felt physically and mentally getting there. :grinning:



You can see my photos in my contest-prep thread from seven years ago.

As said above and elsewhere, I never did steroids prior to becoming hypogonadal and needing TRT. My hypogonadism is idiopathic.

My advice is strong because I am hypogonadal and I don’t wish my condition on others.

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Awesome, appreciate both responses.

I resonate with what @blshaw said, sounds like a wise path to go down. I’m considering options myself but don’t want to do anything with unrealistic expectations.

@BrickHead i looked up the thread, that’s some awesome conditioning man, congrats. I got to single digit BF for the first time this year and I lost so much mass. It came back quick once I leveled out my diet but it definitely taught me that I don’t envy stage-ready levels of BF.


I hate to say it but some guys just have good genetics. You can train harder than them and be very strict with nutrition to try to level the playing field, but there are just some guys who have it made. Abs are a big genetic component especially for those that are not ultra lean. Some guys can see them as high as 15% BF and others have to grind down to single digits. It’s a crap shoot. Just do your best to be the “ best you “ and find happiness with that. Find a work/home/training balance that you can maintain and find happiness with. That’s the key.


Everything is genetics in every field of endeavor. It’s all luck at birth. It’s just what you decide to do with whatever genetic gift you’ve been given.


Yeah, I didn’t do very well conveying my intentions with that “genetics” aspect response. I wouldn’t go completely that far as to say it’s ALL luck or genetics. Just that they are a large component in how your muscles develop or show. In the past I’ve been guilty of chasing a look and without a perspective change I would likely never be happy with my results. If you put the work in you WILL improve yourself and to just be proud/satisfied with that. Your mental health will thank you.