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Wanting to Start/HIT


Now yes, I do have a bit of researching to do and I plan on reading all the routines. But I wanted to see if anyone had a recommendation for a good basic HIT routine for someone who has not done one before.

Reason being, I've started to have some aggrivating knee pain in my right knee and I think giving my joints more time to heal between workouts will help out a lot...along with seeing a doctor for some professional advice, but I know I love doing squats and it just pains me to be in pain while doing them..So, like aforemention, I want to try and HIT routine and am looking for a basic one, if such a thing exists. Thanks in advance, let me know if you're curious about my diet, calorie intake etc.

Stats: 18, M, 180 13-15% BF

Bench: 185
DL: 250
Squat: Haven't yet maxed out.


Go out to a track or football field. Do as many 100 sprints as you can with a 30 to 45 sec. break in between each one. Do this until your body stops moving.


Taken from "HIT Headquarters"

  1. Leg Curl
  2. Leg Extension
  3. Leg Press
  4. Chest Fly
  5. Biceps Curl
  6. Reverse Grip Pulldown
  7. Triceps Pushdown
  8. Reverse Curl
  9. Seated Abdominal Crunch
    EDIT: Do one set of each exercise to momentary muscular failure (failing at 10-12 reps). Rest as little as possible between exercises.
    The entire routine should take less than 30 min.

This is the Website of Website's for "HIT'ers"
Browsing through the threads will give you almost as much info as all of Dr Darden's books combined. You'll get all the philosophy -routines and feedback you'll ever need there.

Keep in mind though....not every system or routine works for every-body (literally). I gave both HIT and Heavy Duty fair shakes on two different occasions. And while they are both good training philosophies and work wonders for some folks ...they just don't produce results for me.
As a matter of fact I lost size AND strength under those protocols...in both instances!

Just my 2cents