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Wanting to Start a Cycle


So a little about myself… I’m 18.I’ve been going to the gym for the past year and a half. At the beginning I didn’t take it seriously but then in the middle I fell in love with it. when I first started I was 140 pounds. Now I’m 172. But like everyone else I want more and more. Here is how my life goes.

Workout: 6 days a week
Chest and back
Shoulders and arms
Chest and back
Shoulders and arms

Abs forearms calves and traps are all thrown in about 2 times a week as well.

I train minimum 3 hours per day

Every couple months I will switch body parts around.

Count cities and nutrients.
eating 3,700 cals per day.
Try to get to 280 protein per day. Usually writhin 20 grams or less.
Over 450 carbs (I always go over)
Fats about 80. (Go over sometimes ahah)

I eat clean during the day and somewhat dirty at night. If I don’t meet my needs I wake up in the middle of night and drink protein and carbogain.

Why I want to start a cycle:
I want to start a cycle because I put everything I have into the gym and my nutrition and I just want more. I know I’ve gained 32 pounds but like everyone else I want more. I want more strength. And I want to go into some comps in a couple years.

My ideal cycle:
Test prop 500mg per week. Wk 1-10

Anastrozole .5 mg EOD wk 1-10 (and the 3 days waiting to start PCT.)

HCG 500iu per week (250iu 2x week) wk 1-10

Start PCT 3 days after last Test shot

Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 50/50/25/25

My reasons for this cycle:
The reasons I want to do this cycle is mainly because it is simple. I chose to do test prop because that’s what I can easily get. I chose to do Anastrozole at .5mg EOD because I have had natty gyno really bad in both nips since I was 12yr and it never went away. (It’s embarrassing and I don’t want surgery yet cause I want to cycle…surgery will come one day) I put HCG at 250iu 2x per week because since I’m young I want some natural test at work still. And I also chose both Nolva and Clomid only because I want to cover everything.

Any comments?


Your not going to get too many people advising you to start using this young, I will say with the exception of using 2 serms for PCT, your cycle is pretty well laid out. Although it’s not hard to get a good cycle plan if you just use the damn search function here haha you’d be surprised the people who come on here with off the wall cycle proposals, in my honest opinion; I think you should see how far you get in the next 5 years. Shit if your that serious about lifting and wanting to compete, get your name out there and do a few natrual shows, just enjoy the sport. When the time comes and you have totally honed in all your skills with dieting and training, only then will using AAS really shine as an enhancement.

Also the average Male doesn’t fully develop until their early to mid 20s you don’t want to mess with your natural potential quite yet.

Just my 2 cents bud

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thanks for the response! And I am very serious about lifting. I play baseball but when I started lifting baseball just started losing a spot in my heart. And now I’m just so interesting into doing a cycle and seeing the outcome. I’m interested in everything in bodybuilding. I love everything about it so much. Like the “encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding” by Arnold, I love reading that giant book of GAINZ