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Wanting to See If I Really Need TRT

I have not posted on here in a few weeks. I had gotten labs back at my first check about 3 weeks ago and things were of course top of the ranges for everything.

I checked a semen sample and saw very few sperm which after paying 10K for a vasectomy reversal for pain 6 years ago was kind of disappointing as even when I was getting towards low T my fertility looked good.

I guess I’m in denial that I will have to keep doing this forever and wondering if there is a way back.

I started Thanksgiving weekend 2018.

Do a lot of guys go through this. I’m 52 and had all the symptoms of low T. I still have a lot of brain fog type issues and weird stuff on TRT but fellt better overall.

I had been hoping that withdrawal from being on Baclofen for 5 1/2 years was maybe messing with my endocrine system. Again, I’ve had two surgeries on my scrotum->vasectomy in 2007 followed by 5 years of increasingly disabling pain from scar tissue followed by reversal at the end of 2012 which was followed up by full fertility (great in fact) and T levels around 485 back in 2014 or so. It started dropping and was in the mid 300s (total) when I started thinking maybe I was heading towards needing help.

Do many guys go through this?

So I have not pinned T since Sunday and had cut down to 100 mg a week about a month back which seemed like a comfortable level. Still taking 140 units of HCG a day.

How long does it take to jump start/return to normal after a 3 month cycle?

I suspect I’m not alone in getting these impulses to see if I really needed it. Can anyone offer me any sort of wisdom or experience here with what they have gone through or seen on the board.


It sounds like the second vasectomy screwed your T production for good and that’s why you needed TRT. This is just a case of feeling blue and self doubt because your levels aren’t stable.

Your levels won’t be stable for another two weeks.

@bustofpallas man thats one bad story my friend.
You are the first guy I have ever spoken to that did a reverse Vasectomy.

Do you want to stay fertile?

Since you have been taking HCG all this time returning to natty should be fast since your balls are still kind of working. You just need your pituitary gland to start back up again.

Saying that going back to natty will not clear your brain fog. The low T and all your hormones in limbo is the cause of that. You need to deside of natty and low T but fertile is what you want or sterile with high T and no brain fog.

A lot of guys do them but most for fertility. They help pain guys for some reason probably having more to do with clearing out scar tissue and excising cutting damaged nerves. Yeah, you sure won’t hear about chronic pain after vasectomy in any Women’s magazines, or men’s for that matter. It happens. It happened to me.

I was actually pretty good after my reversal and felt strong. I was taking NSAIDS in the aftermath to make sure I stayed open and messed up my gut. I got diverticulitis and then started having chronic gut pain and inflammation and had a couple of bouts of 102 degree fevers that lasted for 3 days both times. Non-stop fever for 3 days about 6 months apart. Then for a couple years really bad bouts of inflammation where I felt like I would have to go to the emergency room. I went to the ER three times because of gut issues. After the gut issues is when my metabolism, energy started to get weird. Probably autoimmune related but who knows.

I’ll probably end up back on TRT but I want to feel one more time what it’s like to be natty. My wife will probably demand I go back on it when our sex life goes south.

Well it’s been 10 days since I last pinned test and I feel like I’m getting a little off my game. I’m still pinning HCG daily. My nut size is pretty good and I am going to continue that until I see sperm in my ejaculate to make sure my vasectomy reversal connections are still open.

I’m pretty sure that the HCG is/was causing water retention and probably E2 issues but since I’m trying to restart things I am doing that once a day still.

I got my business tax returns back and now I can see how much I owe. I may use that side business income to get gyno surgery. My wife wanted me to do that after we pay our taxes and pay down some credit cards. We do pretty well but with a kid in college, others in high level sports activities and the nickel and dime death by a thousand cuts of the amazon.com world we live in we have gotten a little behind.

Observations. I already feel more wishy washy and more emotional I had stopped working out about 2 weeks ago but did my free hand and dumbell workout yesterday and am still pretty strong. I would imagine that might get worse as the exogenous T completely leaves my system. It’s the wishy washiness and second guessing mental state that I don’t like. Libido is still there but not as strong. I still had trouble sometimes staying hard during sex even when on T so I don’t know what is up with that. When I first started TRT in the honeymoon period I was like a porn star with a brickbat, lol.

Why am I doing this. I don’t know exactly. Maybe the honeymoon wore off and I was wanting to see if I could get back to decent numbers naturally, with lifting and diet/exercise. I am hoping that I was having issue because I was carrying a little too much weight and not eating as well as I could.

On the gyno surgery front. I have wanted that for 2 years when I noticed that even when in shape I was just carrying too much fat and tissue on my chest for someone who exercises fairly intensely for about 2/3 of every year (summer swimming, winter hiking/running).

I may end up back on TRT. I am keeping my options open.

Sounds like you have a plan. Keep at eye on your E2 mono HCG can raise your E2.

I am absolutely concerned with E2. I felt from early on that HCG was causing me more problems than Test. I am dosing daily so I don’t get a huge dump of E2. Not sure if I should add an AI during this phase. That’s a balancing act I don’t really want to attempt.

Guys here have convinced me AI’s are not good for you and that balancing act is tough to manage.

You are with Defy now. IMO do what they say after all you are paying them to fix you. Give them a chance. I assume they want a mini blood test if a few months?
If you have your natty bloods this will be an excellent time to see just how HCG effect you. We all resopnd to this stuff a little different now you will know how it works with you. That is pretty valuable info right there. Good Luck