Wanting to Run Look Like a Bodybuilder Perform Like an Athlete

Hello hope everyone is having a good day, It’s my off-season for sports until the winter time and came across this program and was wondering if it would be a good one to run during this time before a new season begins? Thanks!

Any program will work, so long as you put in the effort.

What are your sport(s) ? You need to tailor any programme to suit the the particular demands of the actvity. Most sports will have a body of training literature that advises on supplementary training.

Thanks for the response, I’m thinking this is the one that looks like I’ll run

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It’s a fun program. I’ve done it before. Make sure you keep your aerobic conditioning up for basketball

I’ll ramp it up as it gets closer to season but do you think for now and the summer months it would be fine to do sprints 2/week on this program?

What level do you play at? Will you be playing any ball this summer?

College at a small naia, yeah mainly pickup and then individual skillwork stuff

I’d check with your coach and see what he wants you to do. Does your team have a thing they care about, like a mile for time or anything?

I think the program calls for sled work.
If you’re doing all that, and practicing, and playing pickup games a couple times a week, I would not add sprints.

You’ll start formal practice in September anyway right?

It is important to note that I do not write programs for sports on T-nation. These programs are designed mostly to develop muscle mass or strength, or help you get leaner.

YES some of these programs will give you more “athleticism” than traditional hypertrophy programs, but they remain designed for hypertrophy or strength.

When I program for an actual athlete, my approach is somewhat different. Among other things, the volume is much lower to accommodate other types of training (e.g. speed work, agility work, mobility, energy systems, sport practices, etc.)

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Is there one you’d recommend running? I’m through one week on this and really enjoying it so far!

Well, among the free programs that I have published on T-nation or my own website, it is likely the best option.

And it will work even though it is a general program not specifically designed for sports. If anything I would recommend starting your workouts with some jumps and agility work.