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Wanting to Jumpstart my HTPA


I took superdrol in 2007. Long story short, it is 2013 and I am still fucked up from it. A few years ago I took large doses of hcg a few times a week for a few weeks and my strength shot up and my stomach fat melted away. my sex drive did not return, however. My last blood work draw a month ago showed a total test level of 480. I still have an almost non existant sex drive.

I can get my hands on clomid, nolva, hcg, and arimidex through my doctor. I am going to ask him about getting some triptorelin.

Should I run this to try to permanently restart my htpa?


cliffs: hCG 2500 iu/QOD for 16 days while running clomid 50 mg twice a day for 30 days while also running nolva for 20mg a day for 45 days?

I want to incorporate the triptorelin as well... or what do you guys think is the best way to try to restart my natural production? Tired of feeling weak, no sex drive, reduced sensation in my Johnson, slow recovery time, brain fog etc.

I need a plan here before I visit my doctor and I am desperate at this point.


there is a lot of disagreement on how best to do something like this.

Probably the most knowledgeable person on this site regarding matters such as this is a guy called KSman. If you go to the TRT section of the forum, you'll find a thread called "KSman is here". Post a short intro (don't clutter the thread with too much info) and a link to this thread. He'll get back to you eventually.

The guy's a saint. Any input from him'll be golden.

You should also post your most recent labs here.

Good luck!


480 isn't that horrible. How old are you? Have you had your E2 levels checked?


27 years of age. My E2 on .1mg arimidex ED was in the 27-32 range. the 480 was with .1mg ed of arimidex.

libido = none
night and morning erections = none
carrying fat around the mid section
brain fog, memory issues, problems with recalling words/vocabulary/creativity
problems recovering from lower intensity work outs
I do not really dream at night anymore, I used to have awesome vivid crazy dreams EVERY NIGHT before the prohormone cycle (4 weeks of superdrol)
I have always been very estrogen sensitive (everytime I took an anti-e it would shut my libido down for at least 2-3 days) so I have been on arimidex for months so lord knows if I even have a libido anymore..and that's on .1mg ed of arimidex..a low dose...


have you ever had prolactin checked?


last two tests showed middle of normal range on prolactin. I did develop mild gyno/breast burning from the superdrol cycle. very mild though. basically my nipples instead of small and rock hard are slightly puffy now.... only really cold situations now can get them small and rockhard.


How long were you on superdrol. Stories like this really terrify me.


NM, I saw you listed "4 weeks of superdrol."

Still that is crazy. It sounds like you have finasteride like side effects from this drug.


yes, fuck superdrol, taking that garbage is the hands down #1 regret, of my life.

is there anyway to correct finasteride type side effects? I am not willing to give up hope yet.


Well since your condition isn't caused by finasteride I wouldn't rely on any treatment intended to treat people who suffer from sexual side effects as a result of taking finasteride.

You say your test is at 480? That's normal, maybe low normal but you should still have a sex drive I imagine.

Is Superdrol a particularly notorious steroid or are steroids known to cause this? I have heard of cases of people having to go on TRT as a result of screwing up their HPTA on a cycle but I'm thinking that TRT should at least be good enough to restore their libido.


some people get no effects, for me it is almost like a chemical castration.


I think at 27 y/o a 480 T level is on the low side. Yes it's in the "range" and it's considered normal but it may not be normal for you.