Wanting to Get Into Physique- Nutrition Advice

Hi, I am looking to get into physique body building and need to strip some fat. Could any one advice a diet or nutritional advice that does not include fish or nuts (not an allergy) please?:slight_smile:

Eat under maintenance and do not eat fish or nuts.

Try this…

I sincerely doubt you will receive any (free) recommendations regarding calories or macros or training. There are many online coaches available who will do it if you’ve got the $$.
Good luck.

Whats wrong with fish and nuts?


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Nothing but, they said they did not want to eat them.

What’s your height/weight and general fat level?

It depends on whether you’re porker or a starving African child what the advice will be.

You can always refer to some of the thousands of nutrition articles on this site or perhaps the millions on the net. Also, to get in shape for physique, you’re going to need a lot more guidance than one can offer in a forum post. So you can guide yourself or have someone else guide you.

Refer to CT’s beginner nutrition series as a start.